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We are manufacturers

Factory "A.M.Soyuz was founded in 1993 and for more than 20 it has been specializing in producing of interior doors in Ukraine.


The factory and its products have been known as "STATUS DOORS" since 2013. In 2015 the products from econom class  from ТМ "YOUR STYLE" appeared.


Entiry products are covered with certified paints and varnishes for safety operation.

Natural materials

Only natural materials are used to produce the doors: solid oak, soft wood and oak veneer.

Factory discount

Chance to buy products of high quality at affordable price. Visit the web-site and get factory discount.

Quality assurance (QA)

The factory has manufacturer warranty for the interior doors produced.

Doors hardware

Hardware of high quality is as impotrant as the door leaf itself. Hinges, locks and handles of poor quality is money to burn. If you do not want to reinstall them in a year, take note of hardware on selection phase.

Interior doors factory

Interior doors – essential, functional and decorative element

Special focus is on selection of material, color and door design. Contemporary market owns a great variety of products from manufacturer for any taste and budget. But we offer good interior doors of really high quality.

Factory of interior doors "А. М. Soyuz" has been successfully in operation for more than20 years. Since 2013 factory products have been famous in Ukraine as Status doors. This modern enterprise is equipped with high grade professional machinery. The staff members are a handpicked team having love for their profession and striving for exсellence. First of all emphasis is made on high quality of products, their reliability and durability. Quality audit system is implemented at the factory. Thanks to it all possible defects are detected and overcome beforehand. Control is carried into effect on all stages of production in any technological process. Every employee, from workers to specialists and managers are responsible for products. Strict control allows producing the doors of the highest quality.

That is why our door online store is popular and has only positive feedback from the customers, most of them became loyal. Our products are recommended as the best on Ukrainian market. We sell doors in Kyiv is at affordable prices.

What are interior doors Status made of

We use the materials and hardware of only high quality. All of them have certificates of excellence which satisfy the requirements of national standard. The products are made of natural material exclusively. The materials include solid oak, conifer and oak veneer. Each one has its own advantages.

  1. Oakwood is highly prized. This species of wood has been a sample for a long time and it is not easy to compare oak wood with any other species. Oak has fine external texture, it is durable and reliable. Specific grave of this wood is rather big, so the doors are heavy and massive. Drop of humidity and temperature is not a problem for oak wood which is also resistant to mechanical loadings. These doors provide perfect soundproof and heat isolation. Solid wood is worth a healthy sum but it is reasonable. Oak doors are surely luxury and status symbol. They are fine and pleasant to touch. Also the doors are reliable and durable. The product is associated with home-comfort and peace. They reek of power and might.
  2. Veneers are thin sheets of primary timbers, cut with special equipment. They keep natural wooden texture and are valued as decorative finishing. You can buy interior doors veneered cheaper than the doors made of solid wood. The lay of primary timber is outside while cheaper material is inside. With that these doors are not so different from solid wood doors and their operating features are the same. The doors have lower weight. They are reliable and stand humidity. It is possible to create a lot of design options with help of veneering. Many different types of texture, patterns and colors are available for using.

Natural wood and veneer are environmentally friendly materials. They are perfect for houses.

The products in our door store are covered with certificated European-made paints and varnishes - Becker Acroma (Sweden),Feyco(Switzerland), Milesi (Italy). They are proof, durable and safe for using in living accommodation. Online door store guarantees a high quality of every door made at the factory. Interior doors of solid oak are covered under warranty of 5 years term and 1-3 years term for veneered doors.

Interior doors in your appartment

Choosing the doors while orienting their exterior view is wrong idea. Design and style of the house should be considered. Designers' pro-tips will help to create the interior just for you. The doors for interiors of any areas should be done out within total look. They must be in a single color scheme, и design and overall size. It is important to observe this regulation if all the doors face the corridor.

In classical interiors the doors can be of either light or dark shades. Light wood tints are universal and fit different styles perfectly. These doors do not show but melt softly in a general design of the interior. In contrast, intensive dark colors fit sharply defined interiors. It is a good idea that the doors work with some element of design, for example with floor, sofa, etc. . It ought to be noted that dark shades diminish space visually. Do not forget about this when work with small-scale apartments.

It is possible to use any color in minimalist design, , but with reserved finishing. Our doors with glass slides blend seamlessly into contemporary styles.

Selling doors in Kyiv.

Online door store in Kyiv offers following products:

  • Golden Class. Veneered doors are of high quality reliable and inexpensive. They are introduced in four collections: Elegante, Interia, Ultra, Сross. The framework of the door leaf consists of multilayer glued solid of conifers covered with high density fiberboard (HDF) and then veneered. Coat of the door leaf is made of solid wood. Bottom transverse of the leaf has combined filling (timber and honey combs). The frame is made of glued multilayer solid of conifers combined with MDF и  and veneered with natural oak. Some models are supplied with satin glass. Variety of designs, colors, and coatings let find the door for every type of interior, from Classic to Hi-tech.
  • Platinum Class. Solid oak doors are real quality and fabulous appearance. They embody reliability and utility. There are four collections: ROYAL CROSS, Grand Elegance, Oak Standard, Trend Premium. The framework of the door leaf and trims are made of glued multilayer solid oak. Oak lamella, which is made with a method of hot-pressing technique on special composition (carbide mastic), is glued on it. Some models are supplied with satin glass. Collection Platinum Class  - is for those who appreciate sophistication in every detail.
  • Your style (economy class). They are introduced in Modern, Classic and Enamel. The door leaves are of frame-panel assembling.  The framework is made of glued multilayer solid conifers. Space between timbers is filled with cellulose-fiber honeycombs impregnated with glue. This provides density, lightness and stability of the construction. The framework is pasted with mould HDF plate, covered with natural oak veneer and paintwork.

All doors can be installed as a rolling door and as well as a double door construction.

In our online door store in Kyiv you can quickly study the entire assortment and make your choice. Each product is supplied with a picture and images of color options. We also offer full service   - measurements, hardware installing and fitter’s works. Besides you can get an expert opinion if you need. Status doors are for those who look for really qualitive and durable product for their home.

Operational guideline for those who are going to visit our showroom in Kyiv

Implementation of simple regulations will keep your door in good order and in due form for a long time. First of all, keep environmental requirements:

  • Air humidity no more than 40-60%;
  • Temperature - +5...+30 С.

If you need the door for your bathroom you should keep up humidity condition and use air ventilation system and regular aeration. Doors cannot be closer than 1 meter from heat source. During cleaning do not use chemicals like solvents and other aggressive agents. Avoid rough mechanical operation and scratches.

The web-site section «Find in the stores» has store catalogues which offer doors in Kyiv and other cities and where you can see the stores selling Status Door products.

To order the interior doors right now contact the nearest store or call the telephone: +38(098)9359746