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Door block CROSS C-022
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Ex Tax: 3644UAH
Door block Ecu GD
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Door block Ecu GD
Ex Tax: 3644UAH
Door block ELEGANTE E-11
Ex Tax: 6160UAH
Door block ELEGANTE E-12
Ex Tax: 7150UAH
Door block ELEGANTE E-12
Ex Tax: 7040UAH
Door block ELEGANTE E-21
Ex Tax: 6820UAH
Door block ELEGANTE E-22
Ex Tax: 7590UAH
Door block ELEGANTE E-22K
Ex Tax: 7700UAH
Door block INTERIA I-011
Ex Tax: 5500UAH
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Interior doors: which is better to choose

Equipping your house or apartment, making repairs, redevelopment, everyone is faced with the problem of where and which interior doors to buy. The desire to purchase high-quality goods that will serve their owners without any problems for many years and not require complicated care becomes understandable  . The external attractiveness of accessories, their modernity, current styles, designs, and finishes is also important.

We offer to buy interior doors in Kiev under the STATUS DOORS trademarkThese are the products directly from the manufacturer. This factory has specialized in the manufacture of these accessories for over 20 years. Its employees are true professionals in their field, loving their work and constantly improving their own qualifications. The factory is equipped with the best modern equipment. The technological process is set up in such a way as to achieve the best quality without raising the cost of the product. Only high-quality materials are used (solid oak and coniferous wood, natural veneer), at each stage strict control is performed. Therefore, you can really buy one of the best interior doors on the market. This is evidenced only by the positive reviews 

Interior doors, Kiev

On our website we offer to get acquainted with the following series of internal doors from the manufacturer STATUS DOORS.

Golden ClassVeneered, frame-panel assembly. A relatively inexpensive option, but high-quality and reliable. The frame is multi-layered, assembled from an array of coniferous trees glued together. On top of the structure is covered with wood-fiber sheet material - HDF boards, which are an improved analogue of fiberboard. The finish layer is veneer, thin sheets of natural oak wood, performing a decorative and protective function. The lining is made of solid wood. The lower cross is filled with a combination of honeycombs and timber. All details of the structure are carefully sanded to remove all roughness and achieve perfect smoothness of their surfaces. The glass is used satin, frosted or with printed patterns. It is resistant to mechanical damage, easy to clean, very attractive in appearance, looks great in a variety of interiors. The affordability is explained by the use of not whole boards and beams of valuable varieties, but a combination of less valuable species and natural veneer. One of the advantages of veneered doors is their relatively low weight.

Golden Class Collections:

  • Elegante . The name speaks for itself. Products are elegant and stylish, decorate any home. They are made in different design variations. The lines are simple straight lines, slightly rounded or patterned, ornate, smooth. They can be with or without glass details, brown or white with two varieties of delicate patterns. The top coat is made of paint and varnish material, it is easy to care for them, they are durable.
  • Interia . Laconic classics at its best. Harmonious proportions and geometrically precisely verified lines will perfectly fit into a romantic or more austere, restrained atmosphere. There are several design options - made of solid wood or with glass inserts, smooth or patterned, in rhombuses. Panels and glazings are combined in different ways. The selection of models from this series speaks of your good taste.
  • Ultra . Ultra-restrained and ultra-strict models, best suited for modern minimalist interiors. The texture of the solid fabric is textured, natural. The canvas and platbands are in a single holistic plane, which allows you to create a holistic, complete image. 
  • The CROSS . Simple and elegant doors in the style of Provence. Their distinguishing decor is cross-shaped lines in rectangles or squares. Models can be solid wood or in combination with glass elements in white or brown.

Platinum Class . Completely made from solid oak. Solid and respectable, testify to the great taste of the owners of the house and their commitment to tradition. The products are environmentally friendly, giving any housing a special aura of comfort and coziness. From ancient times, Oak is a symbol of strength, stamina, longevity. Its wood is particularly dense and hard. Products from it are heavy, resistant to mechanical stresses, provide complete sound insulation and are able to serve their owners for more than a decade. The frame of the canvas is made of several layers of wood glued together. An oak lamella is fixed to the frame using the hot pressing method. As the finish, as in the Golden Class, satin glass is used, beautiful, durable, reliable and easy to use.

Platinum Class Collections:

  • Grand Elegance . Doors in the classical style, combining beautiful decorative elements of several historical eras. Models have spectacular three-dimensional forms of panels and shells, as well as elegant cornice decor. Glass inserts white or brown, decorated with patterned ornaments or stained glass. The products in this series add special elegance and sophistication to housing.
  • Oak Standard . This collection is characterized by simplicity of geometric shapes and perfect proportions. A carefully thought-out composition is harmoniously complemented by a refined cornice without unnecessary details and frosted glass inserts. Perfect for classic and modern interiors.
  • ROYAL CROSS . In this collection there are models both completely made of wood, and with glass. A unique feature is a cross-shaped decor on canvas or glass. Graceful carved elements, the correct forms of panels attract the eye and cause admiration. Glass inserts can choose smooth white or brown. ROYAL CROSS is ideal for the most beautiful and comfortable homes. 
  • Trend Premium . A beautiful collection featuring a visually simple design and rigorous geometric shapes. The canvas can be 100% wooden or supplemented with details made of glass of rectangular or square shape. 

How to choose interior doors

This question requires a comprehensive and attentive approach, certain knowledge, and sometimes professional advice. Before you buy interior doors, you need to think through to the smallest detail the style and design of your room, the environment, is it possible to combine doors with furniture or other key elements. After all, they should fit into the interior, only then the doors will look harmonious, and not cause dissonance. On our site you can choose the right options for classic and modern interiors, various color shades, decorative elements, glass inserts. Light, warm tones are easier to fit into the space, in any case they will not stand out much. But with dark tones, you should be more careful, especially in small rooms where they visually reduce the space. Remember that it’s preferable

Another important question that our customers invariably ask themselves is to buy doors (Kiev) from natural solid wood or veneered? Oak is a valuable material, therefore, the cost of production from it is appropriate. This, of course, is justified, because everyone knows its unique properties. But do not think that veneered products are of lower quality and will quickly become worthless. These are relatively inexpensive interior doors, their price is reasonable and affordable. They are also very beautiful and stylish, while their weight is less than that of oak, which for many is an advantage. Modern production technologies allow us to create high quality products with excellent performance characteristics. Finished products are covered with a finish layer of certified European-made paints and varnishes,

It has become much easier to buy interior doors in Kiev these days. But it is important that they are of excellent quality. It is equally important then to use them correctly and take care of them. Observe the humidity and temperature standards recommended by the manufacturer in the room. Do not use aggressive chemicals and rough abrasive compounds during cleaning. Then purchased and installed goods will not cause problems and will last a long time.

Buy interior doors in Ukraine

Our site presents the entire range of STATUS DOORS products. These are excellent interior doors, high-quality photos, give a complete picture of the product. Customers can study the catalog, choose the color of the product, variations of finishes. If necessary, you can consult our consultants and get the most complete and detailed information about the product. We will help you to choose the most suitable option for every taste, requirements and wallet.

In the “Find in stores” section of the site, our customers will find a list of addresses where you can buy interior doors (Ukraine). This is not only the capital, but also other cities of our country. We also offer a discount from the factory. In addition, we provide a full range of services related to measurements, installation, fittings. We are doing everything to ensure an individual approach to each customer and satisfy absolutely everyone.of our many customers who recommend us to their friends, relatives, and friends.