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Quality fittings for interior doors are just as important as the door leaves itself. Hinges, locks and handles of improper quality are money to burn. In order not to have to install these elements again in a year, it is important to pay attention to them at the select phase.

Door handles

Most people call back their mind to this detail only at the end of the repair. Having decided to buy a door handle, people often choose the most affordable option, which more or less fits into the interior in color and shape. And how wrong it is! Everyday comfort during door operation depends on the quality and reliability of the door handle.
The door handle must be of high quality and ergonomic. Having decided to buy a door handle in Kiev, do not run to the store and take the first-best option immediately.
Watch out a few nuances:

·         the durability of the product coating (some models retain their original look for a decade, and some peeled off in the first year of use - it all depends on the durability of the coating);

·         the mechanism and quality of assembly (cheap versions, as a rule, have one weak place - a spring which in due course leads to sagging of the handle);

·         ergonomics of a design (the good product conveniently "lays down" in a hand, is smoothly pressed and does not cause discomfort at touch, aluminum is considered as the coldest hardware alloy, and brass - the warmest);

·         safety for household members (this product should not be rubbed or injured on the hands of people who use it daily).


If you decide to buy a door handle, experts do not advise the type of "Knob". Such products often break and jam. In addition, under them in the door leaf is cut a fairly large round hole. Even with a great desire to replace the unworthy Knob with a more successful mechanism, you will not be able to do it.


Door hinges

It is the hinges that experience the greatest load during the daily use of the door. Experts recommend not saving on these accessories, because as a result you have greater costs, spoiled nerves and mood. Well, who would like a door that creaks, with a hard and tight move, and sagging?  And the door hinges are responsible for this.
According to a type of construction, there are several types of door hinges:


·         recessed;

·         angular;

·         surface ;

·         invisible.


Surface and recessed hinges are the most common options. These are card products, fastened to the leaves and the door frame. Angular models can be installed on a structure with a vestibule.

The invisible hinge provides a more aesthetic appearance of the doorway. These are universal designs which usually recommend to establish on doors of a premium and elite segment. Such secret hinges are completely invisible, they make the whole door structure more stylish and modern.


Magnetic door lock: types

Progress does not stand still, and the usual door locks are gradually replaced by magnetic ones. The magnetic lock is a special device that closes the door. This type of door fittings consists of a metal plate or tongue that interacts with the magnetic field. Manufacturers produce these goods in two options:


·         passive magnetic lock on the door

·         electromagnetic lock


The first type is not connected to an additional power supply. Therefore, it has a very limited gravity. This type is usually used for installation in interior doors. It can also be found in the arrangement of closets, women's bags, wardrobes, etc.

Electromagnetic devices are equipped with a special electromagnet with a connected electric current. This protects the door from unauthorized opening with brute force. Such door fittings are often used in hotels, at the front door to entrances and other places where you need to use a special card to enter.


Magnetic door lock: pros and cons

Almost all types of interior doors can be equipped with such products. Among the main advantages of magnetic locks, experts highlight the low volume and easy repair process in case of failure. The cost of conventional magnetic locks is not much higher than conventional ones. But for the electromagnetic version will have to pay several times more. They consider it a very major design flaw.

Also among the disadvantages, some users note a small barely audible click that occurs during the opening-closing process. Some people find this uncomfortable, but most owners do not even hear a light sound. Before you buy a magnetic lock check your level of sensitivity to such sounds - whether you will pay attention to this feature.

The magnetic lock can be installed on both the left and right side of the door opening. When using such a lock, the door handle becomes smoother. This feature is sure to be appreciated by your family.