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Interior doors Golden Class

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Door block CROSS C-022
Ex Tax: 6195UAH
Door block ELEGANTE E-11
Ex Tax: 6160UAH
Door block ELEGANTE E-12
Ex Tax: 7040UAH
Door block ELEGANTE E-12
Ex Tax: 7150UAH
Door block ELEGANTE E-21
Ex Tax: 6820UAH
Door block ELEGANTE E-22
Ex Tax: 7590UAH
Door block ELEGANTE E-22K
Ex Tax: 7700UAH
Door block INTERIA I-011
Ex Tax: 5500UAH
Door block INTERIA I-012
Ex Tax: 9200UAH
Door block INTERIA I-021
Ex Tax: 6200UAH
Door block INTERIA I-024
Ex Tax: 10400UAH
Door block Luidor GD
Ex Tax: 4778UAH
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Characteristicsof interior doors choice

Theinterior doors we introduce are a very important detail of any interior. От правильности из выбора напрямуюзависит Notonly functionality and utility, but and home-life aesthetic and comfortdirectly depend on the right choice.

 Interior doors areable to be real decoration. Models of high quality have excellent operatingcharacteristics among which soundproofing is really important. Upon this differentsurface finishing techniques, variety of stylistic solution, distinction ofstructures push the limits of designers’ fancy ideas.

Features of qualitative interior doors

Theconcept of, “the best interior doors in Ukraine” must be based on balance ofthe highest quality and affordable price. Thus searching for a really reliable anddurable door is becoming much simpler task today. Our company will help you with this. We offer great variety of doors from economy class to luxuryproducts. You should choose the sides of the product characteristics you want tohave. So well be able to select the model and satisfy you requirements fully.

Whatkind of doors are the best to buy?

Beforegoing shopping, calculate the budget you have and indicate the limit. Do not forget about budget for delivery and installation. Having decided to buy interior doors in Kyiv you shouldbook service call to take measurements beforehand. Do not try to do it byyourselves because a fault can happen. Any fault, even some can turn intocritical during installation.

Ifyour budget is limited, think about ways to save without loss of quality. The most expensive part of these products is finishing decorative coat. That is why the price can be markedly different for thedoors with similar structure and materials used for producing. It depends onthe kind of coating.

 The cheapest options are PVC foil, Eco Wood Veneerand laminated material. All these kinds of coating do not come under influenceof sunlight, high moisture level and high-abrasion. However the most luxurymodels are made of solid wood.

Specialties of Golden Glass collection

GoldenGlass – you can buy interior doors of high quality in Kyiv within few clicks onour site. We develop and produce first class goods which are able to accommodatedifferent needs of the customers. Interior doors of Golden Glass look stylish anddelicately. All products are divided into suitable lines conveniently for users.

Models of  Elegante are notable for  excellent combination of perfect style anddelicacy. These models are available in some options - from simple doors whichshow straight and somewhat round lines to sophisticated patterned types. Customersalso can choose a design solution with adding glass.

Models of  Interia are available inseveral options. The doors are all wooden, having glass slides with completelysmooth surface or with patterned lines on it. These products are fitted into any interiordesign and available in several colors.

Ultra – door line madeof pine wood covered with oak veneer and finished with UV varnish. These doorsare not only simple in operation and service but also durable ones. Their style is ratherstrict and is just right for interiors of Art Novae or Hi-tech

Collection Cross has strong performanceof durability and reliability of the doors. They are made in Provence style andlook stunningly in the interiors. Main feature of this collectionare crisscross wavy lines which give it delicate look.

Weoffer all kinds of interior doors on our web-site. They will be super add-on for yourapartment and give your  renovation afinished appearance.