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Strength, reliability, and durability - this and many other things describe the interior doors of Cross collection. They are not only of high quality. They are made in  Provence style and look perfect in such interiors as kitchen, for example. Main highlight of these doors - crossing flowing lines that give them unique and finished appearance. This model can be performed with glass slides. They are available in two color options: white and brown. You can also choose the appropriate color and design with rectangular or square lines.

Cross collection - the best choice for interior in  Provence style

Provencal style is  combination of French provincialism and maximum comfort of small cozy southern houses. The practicality of the country style is combined with French sophistication. Choosing a door for housing in this style is a difficult task. However, with Cross collection, you can easily choose the right option.

How do Provence-style doors differ?

Cross collection is an example of successful combination of  rural style of Provence and the utility of natural materials. Fortunately, it is in this style that natural ingredients find the greatest freedom in expression of shapes and lines.

Provence-style doors have the following features:

  • use of exclusively natural quality materials;
  • geometric lines in the form of crosses in rustic style;
  • bright glass slides resembling the windows of southern houses;
  • the presence of light carved elements in decor of the door leaf;
  • predominant use of natural pastel tones;
  • combination of accessories in color and texture with other elements in the room, such as elements of lamps, clocks and fireplaces.

Provencal doors organically complement the rural interior, filling the house with coziness and comfort.

How to buy inexpensive interior doors in Ukraine?

Prices for interior doors depend on the quality of the material used, size and decor of the models. The more complex order, the larger amount will have to pay. Having decided to buy interior doors in Ukraine, pay attention to factory online stores. This is a guarantee that you will save gob on retail margins set by online stores.

In addition, contacting the manufacturer directly, you can count on the most individual approach - the factory will take into account all the nuances of measurements and other features of future doors and will release a model that is perfect for your needs. The best cheap interior doors in Kiev are bought from the manufacturer.

Interior doors from Status Doors are a guarantee of high quality, environmentally friendly materials and safe for health paints and varnishes. Factory production of doors from Cross collection is carried out on the leading state-of-the-art equipment and passes long multilevel quality check. This guarantees absence of deffects and reliability of all products presented.

Main advantages of buying doors from Cross collection in "Status Doors" company:

  • you can be 100% sure of  quality and environmentally friendly wood -  20 years of experience and our reputation are more expensive than the use of low-quality and untested materials;
  • safe paints and varnishes covering solid pine or oak are completely harmless to health;
  • possibility to produce doors of any size at request;
  • official production guarantee for all products;
  • interior doors, the price of which in Kiev is significantly lower than in other companies.

Having decided to buy interior doors  cheaply in Kiev and Ukraine in style of Provence, the main thing - to find the right manufacturer. Cross collection from Status Doors is the choice of people who prefer modern stylish solutions and reasonable prices.