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Interior doors Interia

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Door block INTERIA I-011
Ex Tax: 5500.00грн
Door block INTERIA I-012
Ex Tax: 9200.00грн
Door block INTERIA I-021
Ex Tax: 6200.00грн
Door block INTERIA I-024
Ex Tax: 10400.00грн
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With the Interia model, you have lots of opportunities. Doors from this collection are available in several options: completely made of wood or with glass slides. In addition, choosing the glass option, you can get either completely smooth glass surface or a patterned one, which goes well with strict rectangular lines of the tree. Without any doubt this model will fit into any interior. Moreover, you have the opportunity to choose one of many color schemes and get the perfect option for your home.

Interia collection – a universal option for any interior.

Door selection for interior is one of the secondary design tasks. But if you do not give favorable consideration to design, the general stylistic concept may suffer. The Interia door collection is a modern option that is suitable for both classic and contemporary stylistic solutions. Inexpensive interior doors are delivered directly from the factory line. They pass through a rigid multi-level quality control system to exclude defective product.

The combination of solid wood and simple laconic lines creates a universal ensemble that can be used in such interiors as:

  • Classic
  • Art Nouveau
  • Provence
  • Rustic
  • Scandinavian style
  • Romanticism
  • Postmodernism

Depending on the style of the interior, you can choose models with glass slides or completely blind. Glass decor can be patterned or plain. The designers of Status Doors factory took care of laconic geometry that fits into the zoning of any room perfectly. Wooden doors, the price of which varies depending on the type of wood and size, are equipped with high-quality fittings and additional details.

How to choose and buy wooden doors?

Status Doors is a door manufacturer with many years of experience. This means that all products from the catalog are produced at the company's enterprises. Quality products leave the factory so the manufacturer undertakes warranty. Interior doors at moderated prices in Kiev are a guarantee of quality for thousands of buyers from all over Ukraine.

During door production only natural materials, safe paints and varnishes are used. They are certified by regulatory authorities and do not cause any harm to health. Doors are made of solid oak or veneer, as well as coniferous wood. This is a guarantee of security for customers. A wooden interior door, the price of which also depends on the quality of the materials used, is a proven alternative to unknown brands.

If you want to buy the cheapest interior doors in Ukraine, but at the same time not to lose the quality, pay attention to the following:

  •  quality of the door leaf (it should not have knots, damp areas, stitched veneered sheets in length)
  • door dimensions (each manufacturer offers its own range of sizes, so sometimes it’s quite difficult to determine the right measurements. A universal rule is: the dimensions of the opening are the width of the door with 2 cm added)
  • as a rule, the colors, textures and decor of the doors are selected for flooring and furniture. It is from these factors that one should proceed from choosing models

Iinterior doors made to order in Kiev are inexpensive - this is your opportunity to get  high-quality national product from an advanced factory at moderate prices.