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Door block ULTRA U-005-2
Ex Tax: 4725UAH
Door block ULTRA U-005-2
Ex Tax: 4075UAH
Door block ULTRA U-011
Ex Tax: 4075UAH
Door block ULTRA U-013
Ex Tax: 4075UAH
Interior door ULTRA U-004
Ex Tax: 4725UAH
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Interior doors of Ultra collection are made of pine with oak veneer and UV varnish. Thanks to it they are not only maintenance-friendly, but also durable. These interior doors are made in repressed and at the same time simple style. You can install them into any room with high-tech or modern style. These doors will provide a touch of elegance to your interior. This model is available in three colors: Mocha, Ivory, and White.

Ultra Collection – top choice for Hi-Tech Home

Certainly, it is easier to choose door design for classic interiors than for a home decorated in modern or high-tech style. Doors in high-tech style should follow the general concept, meet the designer's intention not only in color, but also in stylistic.  Ultra collection was created just for this purpose.

Key features of high-tech doors

 Ultra line combines all the advantages of neat shapes and quality materials. Such products differ from other products by:

  • lack of additional peddling details
  • “Industrial” texture of products (wood solid maximally simulates artificial materials using special paints and varnishes)
  • supreme external simplicity, lack of catchy and voluminous decor elements
  • clear shapes and strict line geometry
  • hidden handles are often used

All products of “Status Doors” are made of high-quality natural materials. Art Nouveau doors are often made in white, black, metal or gray colors.

Interior white doors look stylish in almost any interior. This is a universal base color. But be prepared for additional detail care for such models. Bright doors of unusual colors are usually used in rooms made in the same color, for example, orange, and green, blue.

How to choose proper Ultra model?

If you decided on the line of modern doors, pay attention to several aspects:

  • pinewood doors are the most durable and high-quality option that will be in use for a long time
  • oak veneer doors are the best for rooms where moisture surges are possible (such products have low water absorbing quality. That is why the products for saunas are made from this material)
  • if you have chosen solid pine doors in Kiev, be prepared that a product needs special care. It is perfectly to cover the doors with special water-repellent composition

When deciding to buy interior doors inexpensively, do not forget about the additional costs of high-quality fittings. In modern products, door handles need special attention as a continuation of the high-tech concept. 

If you want to buy interior doors inexpensively in Kiev and Ukraine, contact the profs. Desire to save can lead to additional costs and get under the skin. Modern interior doors cannot be cheap, especially if high-quality and safe wood and paints are used in the production. Hi-tech doors look great not only in ordinary homes, but also in office rooms, areas of interest, shops and shopping malls. They help emphasize the space zoning and make it airy and light. Reasonably priced interior doors in Kiev and Ukraine are the collection of high-tech Ultra products. You do the best choice for modern interior in a reasonable price category.