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Interior doors Platinum Class

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Interior door GRAND ELEGANCE GE 011
Ex Tax: 17375UAH
Interior door GRAND ELEGANCE GE 012
Ex Tax: 16900UAH
Interior door GRAND ELEGANCE GE 021
Ex Tax: 16500UAH
Interior door GRAND ELEGANCE GE 022
Ex Tax: 16500UAH
Interior door OAK STANDARD OS-012
Ex Tax: 11075UAH
Interior door OAK STANDARD OS-022
Ex Tax: 11075UAH
Interior door ROYAL CROSS RC 011
Ex Tax: 14575UAH
Interior door ROYAL CROSS RC 012
Ex Tax: 14575UAH
Interior door ROYAL CROSS RC 021
Ex Tax: 14575UAH
Interior door ROYAL CROSS RC 022
Ex Tax: 14575UAH
Interior door TREND PREMIUM TP-011
Ex Tax: 15075UAH
Interior door TREND PREMIUM TP-012
Ex Tax: 9275UAH
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Interior doors at affordable prices

Decoration of each door opening is an important task as this affects the overall interior of the apartment and even the creation of its design. The prices of interior doors directly depend on the door characteristics that can give any room individuality, sophistication and style. So their choice must be approached with all seriousness, knowledge of the matter and carefully weighing all options.

Actual modern interior doors are distinguished by combination of significant functionality, practicality and affordable price. The manufacturer has endowed them not only with stylish design features, but also with elegant fittings, thanks to which ideal high-quality interior doors have been created.  There will be no any problems to buy them in Ukraine today.

What should you consider when buying these doors?

Getting into any store, many customers first of all pay attention to the design and appearance of the goods. However, it is not enough to choose and buy truly high-quality products. It is important to pay attention to the material the doors were made of, the functional features and their execution type. It is also worth considering the size of the door leaf. All these data are very important for making a rational purchase.

Choice of interior doors is a check in the right column

The cost of all products directly depends on the cost of materials used in the manufacture, as well as the accuracy of assembly. You can buy high-quality interior doors in Kiev by placing an order on our website. We have these doors in luxury and economy class of products. The former are usually made of natural wood. They are able to complement any interior design effectively and need a stable microclimate.

Combined products are less susceptible to various temperature differences and the influence of humidity. Such doors are made using MDF, due to which their cost is more affordable for consumers. At the same time, the appearance is out of place natural wood products. Thus, if you want to buy interior doors inexpensively, you can buy just this door leaf and not worry about reliability and external layout.

Platinum class products

We introduce a remarkable assortment of not only attractive, but also high-quality Platinum class door leaves, which most consumers prefer.

The manufacturers of Platinum class products are the best specialists who create reliable doors for long-term operation. These door leaves are made of checked materials that meet all quality standards, using modern coatings. The product range is able to please absolutely every consumer. The Platinum class brand offers you several product lines at once, so that you can choose the most optimal ones for each situation.

The collection of Grand Elegance door leaves is made of natural oak in combination with high-strength ornamental glass. These products will be an excellent choice for an interior made in the Baroque or Classic style. Glass can be considered its main advantage.

The Oak Standard line has successfully incorporated all best combinations of matt materials, excellent ergonomics, and the simplicity of clear geometric lines. The leaves are made of glass and natural oak, so they can easily become the main emphasis in the design of the room and emphasize the thoughtfulness of style effectively.

The Royal Cross product range stands out for its unique reliability. Presented doors are characterized by classic straight shapes with a refined cornice and exquisite wavy intersecting lines. For their production high-strength glass and natural wood are used. At the same time, customers can choose their own glazing: smooth brown or white.

The premium series of door leaves Trend Premium is made of first-class solid oak. They are available in several color options. They are: royal oak, ivory, mocha, and white. Customers can independently choose such products with glass inserts.

Now you can order interior doors in sizes suitable for you at any time of the day. To do this, just fill in the application on our website and select the model of the leaves you want. You can also contact our representatives to clarify any issues .The numbers are indicated.