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Most of customers is up to speed on different types of door leaves but they do not know what is molding. However without this set of elements it is wrong to consider the door opening is done correctly. Doors without moldings are like a house without finish. Fitting elements let the doors to serve their function properly, hide all defects of installing установки изделия and make the construction reliable.

Molding is a complex of items which are included into a door block. Except the door leaf itself the door block includes trims, door frames, sills and other elements which are matched to the size and characteristics of a particular product. The material and style of the product should be the same as that of the door leaf itself. Moldings include the following elements:

  • Door frame
  • Door trims
  • Extension panel
  • Cover strips

Wooden door frame is a frame construction that is mounted around the perimeter of the door opening. It can be made both of wood and MDF or particleboard. Experts recommend models of MDF. According to reviews, they have proven themselves in the process of daily operation. The width of the door frame shall not exceed the width of the door opening.

Usually the door frame has a rounded or rectangular shape. In order to install trims on it, manufacturers provide for special grooves. There are also complex solutions on the market - you can buy a frame with trims. A special sealing ball in the frame is responsible for soundproof and protection against drafts. It will make lifetime of the door longer and provide good quality cushioning.

Trims, extension panels and cover strips: functions and characteristics

Externally, the trims are planks of wood or other material that are mounted on the door frame. They perform an aesthetic function, closing the places in which the frame and the extensions fit into the wall. This is a kind of door opening frame. Trims are made in one style with a door. This molding part may be flattened, convex, curly, or any other shape.
The trims make the door frame complete, focus on the door opening and mask the defects of installation, fastening and gaps. Trims are fastened either to special holders or to glue or nails.

Door extension is designed to help in a situation when the door frame is much smaller than the wall in the house. This part can have both standard sizes and custom-made ones. The door extension is installed to make the gap between the frame and the trims completely invisible. After installing these molding elements you will no longer need to process the slopes with plaster or other finishing material. The texture, color and style of the item should also be consistent with the overall style of the frame. The master who is engaged in the installation of interior doors knows exactly how to fix the extension to the door. This process does not take much time.

.Cover strips are the elements which are also known as stop moldings. They are installed either on the outer edge or outside near the gap. The functional purpose of the design is to mask defects and crevices.

Wooden molding: what types are offered by manufacturers?

The selection of quality molding products should be given as much time as the selection of the door model. Today, manufacturers offer several schemes for selection and installation: the customer can choose the standard and telescopic wood fittings.


In the standard condition each element is mounted separately. The telescopic version allows you to put together a single system consisting of trims, extensions and frames.  Using special grooves, without additional nails and screws, these elements are brought together. With a telescopic approach the master collects a set of all the elements and “hangs” it on the door opening.

This system has several advantages: the door frame can be installed in an opening that is deflected from the vertical axis. It will hide any wall defects. Also you can facilitate the process of adjusting the door block to different opening widths.